Sexy my ass you mean rabid dog with a seizure and lost little boy from the buffet
     78/100 reasons that you could be a closest JongTae shipper

Cutest Jinki at fansigns event.

The most colorful flower that always blooms and never fades, the brightest sunshine that brings joy even during the dark, the most beautiful soul with an eternal heart, the loveliest one that never stops smiling, the imperfections yet you are soo perfect, you are incredible. You are lovely, You are my world
of all the phrases in the english language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, “cellar door” is the most beautiful

Antes, mi mayor sueño era tener un disco en solitario, pero te das cuenta de que esto no es un sueño, sino una meta. Ahora lo que quiero es consolidar a mí mismo en la música como solista. He sido fiel a ese amor, he luchado hasta el final.